Linux Users Group (LUG) @UD


We are a group of technology and open-source software enthusiasts who live in the small state of Delaware. Much of our group activity revolves around the free and open-source operating system GNU/Linux, but we regularally explore many other technology-related topics. Our group is very welcoming of new members, regardless of your experience with the topics we cover. We all love learning, and love tinkering with new and exciting technologies. Come check us out sometime!

Meetings and Information

LUG is a Registered Student Organization of the University of Delaware, and as such, officers are undergraduate and graduate students of UD. This does not, however, mean we close our doors to those outside the university. In fact, most of our membership are not students, but live in the surrounding community.

We highly encourage you to attend one of our meetings to find out more about our group and what we can do together. More information about the meetings can be found on our About page.

"To kind of explain what Linux is, you have to explain what an operating system is. And the thing about an operating system is that you're never ever supposed to see it. Because nobody really uses an operating system; people use programs on their computer. And the only mission in life of an operating system is to help those programs run. So an operating system never does anything on its own; it's only waiting for the programs to ask for certain resources, or ask for a certain file on the disk, or ask to connect to the outside world. And then the operating system steps in and tries to make it easy for people to write programs."

Linus Torvalds , 2009