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Welcome to the LUG at University of Delaware. We serve Linux users who live in or around the small state of Delaware, as well as the University of Delaware Newark campus. All Linux users are welcome to our meetings and mailing lists regardless of experience or skill. Please see below to find out how to come to our meetings.


Cyber Security Meeting - Insecure Protocols

The slides from James Feister's recent presentation on insecure protocols are available here.

2013/11/12 00:25 · William Bednar

Latest Information and News

Meeting Idea?

  • Would you like to give a presentation at LUG?
  • Do you have a meeting idea?

Contact one of the officers on the information page.

2014/10/01 02:36 · RT McGee

LUG IRC Server

LUG@UD now is hosting it's own IRC server. The idea of this is to encourage members to talk and communicate more openly. Goto LUG IRC for more information.

Looking for Presenters

Would you like to come up and give a talk about a Linux subject that you love? Want some public speaking experience? Want a resume booster? Email me and we'll schedule a time. Some interesting meeting topics that I'd like to see include: Using GNU Screen, BIND and DNS, the Ruby language (or Ruby on Rails), GNU autotools, Subversion and why it's really nice for any project, Linux firewalls with IPtables, setting up your own postfix server, LaTeX - for all your homework and reports.

LUG Apparel

Interested in getting your hands on some Linux t-shirts, mugs, or something else? Have an idea for a design or something you want? Add your thoughts and comments to LUG Apparel.

FTP Mirror is Operational

The server is at Currently, we mirror debian, gentoo, slackware, sunfreeware, and ubuntu. Use us as your preferred mirror!


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