Board Members

Will Weber, President

President's responsibilities include keeping officers and members interested in LUG. He or she organizes meetings, and introduces the meeting if someone else is giving a presentation. Most other responsibilities are delegated by the president to his/her officers.

Byron Lambrou, Vice President

The Vice President of Membership organizes the mailing list, and keeps track of new members. Their main gig is Activities Night, where he/she invites people to join the LUG, and makes sure they come to meetings. They are responsible for sending email correspondence to the group and reserving the rooms for the meeting.

Riley Shaw, Treasurer

The Treasurer keeps track of purchases, organizes our budget, and makes certain people get reimbursed for their time.

Jake Heffernan, Secretary

The Secretary fulfills the requests for assistance by any of the other previous officers. He or she is willing to lend a hand when one is required, and may be responsible to organizing a large event or trip for the group.

You, Board Member

Board members have more responsibilities and power than regular members. You don't have to be in a leadership position to be a board member! You could work on our server maintenence, be our webmaster, or significantly contribute to the club in some other way to become a board member. You can find out more about how to become a board member in our about page.